Tactical gear: What makes it tactical?

October 25, 2023

Tactical gear has become an indispensable part of various professions and outdoor activities, offering unparalleled functionality, durability, and versatility. In this blog post, we will dive into the world of tactical gear, exploring why it differs from average outdoor equipment and providing insights on how to select the perfect items for your specific needs. Focusing on tactical vests and pants, we will uncover the diverse features and benefits they offer to military personnel, law enforcement officers, and civilians. 

Tactical vests: a new level of performance and protection

Tactical vests are designed to protect users and serve as practical and customizable platforms for carrying essential equipment. They act as central hubs for various tools and gear, ensuring easy accessibility and streamlined operations. Typically constructed using high-quality, rugged materials such as polyester or Cordura, these vests offer excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear. However, it’s important to note that not all tactical vests are the same. Let’s explore the different types available:

  • Soft armor panels: These vests usually feature flexible and soft armor panels that offer durability and protection. They are lightweight and can be worn above clothes, but also as concealed body armor, providing discreet protection.
  • Hard armor plates: Unlike soft armor panels, hard armor plates provide the highest level of protection. They are placed into plate carriers or body armor vests, although they may not offer the same level of comfort.
  • Concealed vests: Designed to be worn underneath street clothes, suits, or uniforms, concealed vests are made of soft armor panels. They provide protection while remaining hidden, which is why these are heavily used in security services, VIP protection, and such. 
Concealed vests are often worn underneath suits, uniforms and street clothes and they offer various levels of protection.
  • Full body armor: Primarily designed for military purposes, police and deminer personnel, full body armor is meant to be worn above clothes. It consists of front, side, and back protection in a vest. Full body tactical armor is often paired with helmets and additional protection for the legs and arms. These can be fortified with soft and hard armor plates, depending on the purpose.

Regardless of the type, tactical vests need to be durable and comfortable. Many vests feature 3D mesh on the inside for breathability and better comfort, while adjustable and padded shoulder straps ensure a secure fit. Additionally, tactical vests incorporate reinforced stitching, a variety of zippers, pockets, and Velcro attachments for easy and quick access to gear.

3D mesh is often used on the inner part of a tactical vest for breathability and better comfort. 

Tactical pants: durability and convenience on and off the field

Tactical pants offer a blend of functionality and comfort, making them ideal companions for various activities. They are a go-to option for outdoor enthusiasts, security personnel, military and paramilitary troops, and many more. These pants are a versatile choice that provides modifications without sacrificing durability and comfort. Here are features that set tactical pants apart from average outdoor pants.

Durability, comfort and breathability
Tactical pants are designed to withstand the demands of fieldwork, ensuring they are durable, comfortable, and breathable. To achieve this, a combination of ripstop fabric, Cordura, and stretch material is utilized in their design. The softer and more flexible fabric is often incorporated in the crotch area to ensure better mobility, while special protection systems reinforce the knees and buttocks, preventing damage from friction. Our newest model of tactical pants includes an additional knee pocket that can accommodate two sizes of knee pads, providing customizable protection. Considering the harsh weather conditions on the battlefield, many tactical pants feature side pockets and lower leg vents to allow airflow, enhancing comfort. Lastly, the importance of a perfect fit cannot be overlooked. Side stretch inserts are added to the hip section, as well as bottom hems and boot hooks, ensuring that tactical pants stay in place during movement, sitting, or kneeling.

A special ripstop fabric makes these tactical pants a reliable choice for any high-impact activities.

Storage and more storage

Storage and ease of access to your additional gear are the reasons why tactical pants are a perfect choice for any kind of outdoor mission. A multitude of oversized pockets is designed for specific purposes, such as medical kit pockets for quick access to medical supplies, and cargo pockets for carrying essential gear. Moreover, for those situations where pockets alone are insufficient, a variety of loops, carabiners, and D-rings are strategically placed throughout the pants. This is pretty handy for carrying flashlights, keys, gloves and other equipment. 

Whether it’s the storage you’re looking for, or durability, comfort and breathability, tactical pants will fit your needs, and with every single collection, we at Croshield strive to incorporate your feedback and suggestions, continuously adding even more convenient features.

Military, law enforcement, and civilian applications

By now, you know that tactical gear serves diverse purposes across various domains. In this final section, we will cover three types of use: civilian, law enforcement, and military.

Civilians engaging in shooting sports such as airsoft and paintball, as well as hunters, hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts, can benefit from tactical clothing. Whether it’s a vest with a lower level of protection to prevent heavy bruises or breaking the skin, or pants that provide quick access to essential equipment while hiking or in challenging situations, tactical clothing is a convenient choice.

Next, tactical gear plays a crucial role in assisting law enforcement officers in carrying out their duties effectively and safely. It equips them with the means to carry firearms, ammunition, communication devices, and other essential tools required for law enforcement operations. For military personnel, tactical equipment is of utmost importance as it provides the necessary tools and protection for combat and field operations. It enables soldiers to carry essential equipment, which enhances survivability and ensures optimal performance in high-stress environments.

Soldier wearing tactical gear out in the battlefield.
For military personnel, tactical gear is essential as it helps ensure optimal performance in high-stress environments. 
(Photo: Pexels)

Tactical gear: Beyond your traditional outdoor gear

Tactical gear, including vests and pants, represents a category of equipment that goes beyond traditional outdoor gear. Its exceptional functionality and durability make it indispensable for military personnel, law enforcement officers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Whether you are interested in tactical gear for professional use or for pursuing your outdoor adventures, carefully selecting the appropriate equipment will enhance your performance and provide the necessary protection. Visit our webshop to explore a wide range of high-quality tactical gear tailored to meet your specific needs, regardless of the task ahead of you.

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